FDES Managing Director
Kora Nagarjuna Reddy
Founder and Managing Director

In 2007, our Managing Director, Mr. Kora Nagarjuna Reddy (Nag), founded FDES with a vision to automate traditional CAD modelling and drawing creation processes. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Institution of Engineers, Kolkata, and a Master’s Degree in Tool Design from Central Institute of Tool Design (CITD) in 2004, Nag’s passion for programming and automation led him to create custom automation tools using AutoLISP and DCL for AutoCAD 2004.

His success in automating the railway signalling circuit design process for a client in mid-2005 using VisualLisp and DCL, coupled with his passion for programming, convinced him of the potential of automation tools in the CAD industry. With more automation projects coming his way, he saw the opportunity to combine his academic knowledge and programming skills to deliver solutions to clients.

In June 2007, Nag and three friends launched FDES, which has now grown into a company with clients in over 20 countries, delivering hundreds of plugins and design automation software.