Testimonials from our clients

At FDES, we are dedicated to delivering results and helping clients from various industries overcome productivity hurdles. Here are some testimonials from our satisfied clients:

Andy Kashevaroff
I have worked with FDES for numerous years to help with updates and enhancements for our products. They perform their work with skill and integrity. Team of FDES is always there to answer questions, make adjustments and address issues. They stick with the job to make sure it is finished and works right like no other company I have ever worked with. I highly recommend FDES as a resource for CAD automation; Web Graphics rendering; and Application development.
Marty Thomasson
President - Gearbox Solutions
FDES allowed us to meet our goals in time and on budget. They always put in the extra efforts to deliver a great result.
Rodney McCabe
President - PLM Mechanic
I have worked with FDES on a couple of occasions and was impressed by their professionalism, commitment to quality and ability to meet deadlines. Nag is an asset to any team!