24 Oct 2018

Design Automation: How FDES helps material handling industry

What is Design Automation?

Design automation is a process where you can design a custom product as per your client requirement as fast as a standard product. You will get all your GA drawings, assembly drawings, production drawings with the complete list of bill of materials automatically. This helps you to turn around proposals quickly, design and manufacture efficiently and deliver your commitments consistently.

Why use Design Automation?

Companies offering custom products are often putting their engineers under pressure to create proposal documents and drawings as fast as possible. Sometimes this leads to incorrect quotes. Your engineering resources are wasted on tasks that could be automated. They have less time to re-engineer existing designs, update drawings and carefully check every detail. Jobs are then left to open to errors, rework, backlogs and delays. All of this can affect profit margins and damage reputation.

By automating time-sensitive and often repetitive tasks, you gain the benefits. You have more time to innovate and add value to your products. You also increase throughput and improve quality, enabling you to win more business.

How we helped the material handling industry?

We helped material handling equipment (EOT Cranes, Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyors) manufacturers to boost their sales by implementing customized Design Automation systems. The software was developed using CEMA, IS 3177, 4137, 800 and 807 standards. A database was created to capture every single detail required for design, manufacturing, and pricing specific to the client. Imported all brought out component data into the database like motors, gearboxes, couplings, bearing etc, so that the software can choose the right component based on the calculation results and client specified component vendor. The automation was done on the CAD software that client familiar with, Solidworks and Inventor. The automation runs on the set of rules defined in the database to generate CAD models and drawings. By entering the details of the required product in a user-friendly interface, CAD models, 2D production drawings and quotes generated automatically, which directly reduced the engineering time from days 2-3 days to one day. This further helped in maintaining the design quality and allowed the client to manufacturer the product faster as well as deliver the product on time to the clients.

Not only models and drawings, but we have also automated the process of exporting part information to client’s ERP system. Part information includes part dimensions, part number, material, and its weight. This helps the client to have consistency between the engineering department and procurement department. We have integrated CAD software with ERPs like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Business and other custom ERP systems.

Screw conveyor 3d assembly
Hanger Bearing Assembly

Benefits you get from our Design Automation services

  • Detailed calculation reports as per CEMA or other standards
  • Complete 3D assembly of the equipment in your required CAD software
  • 2D fabrication drawings for each part
  • Complete BOM in Microsoft Excel format
  • and Sales documents

End Results

  • Reduced inquiry to quote time from Days to Minutes
  • Reduced design time in preparing production documents
  • 99% quality enhancement
  • Improved efficiency of the engineering department
  • Consistency in Design and Drawings
  • Reduced error, rework and scrap
  • Visualize end product before starting the manufacturing

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to develop this kind of system?

The cost depends on the features you like to have in the Automation and software you choose for automation. Some clients want 3D and others need 2D only, also depends on the drawings you want to automate in the process.

Does it work with our CAD software?

Yes, it is possible to develop Design Automation system for any kind of CAD software, like AutoCAD, Inventor, Solidworks, SolidEdge etc.

We have a custom ERP system, can you push the BOM data into your ERP system?

If you use a custom ERP system, we need to look into your ERP system to understand how it is built and what technologies have been used in it. Based on that we will let you know how we do it.

Can you develop software for our country standards?

Yes, if you can provide all necessary information to develop the software, we can do it.