In the dynamic world of manufacturing, the ability to visualize, customize, and receive real-time quotes for products is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Recognizing this pivotal shift, FDES Technologies has reached yet another milestone by successfully developing an advanced product configurator for a prominent client in the screw conveyor manufacturing sector.

The Challenge:

Screw conveyors, integral to numerous industries, require precision and customization based on specific needs. Every project comes with its unique set of requirements, making it imperative for manufacturers to offer versatile solutions efficiently.

The FDES Solution:

Leveraging the power of Autodesk Platform Services, Autodesk Inventor, Design Automation APIs, and the Forge Viewer, FDES crafted a state-of-the-art product configurator tool tailored for screw conveyor configurations.

Key Features:

  1. User-Centric Design: The tool allows end-users to effortlessly configure the desired product, ensuring that the final design aligns perfectly with their requirements.
  2. Real-time Visualization: With the integration of the Forge Viewer, users can now visualize their configurations in real-time, ensuring clarity and precision before finalizing their choices.
  3. Instant Quotation: Gone are the days of prolonged wait times. The tool instantly provides a quote based on the user’s configuration, streamlining the decision-making process.
  4. Seamless Integration: The configurator seamlessly integrates with Autodesk Inventor, ensuring that the resulting designs are not only accurate but also adhere to industry standards.

Impact and Future Prospects:

The introduction of this product configurator marks a transformative moment for our client. Early feedback suggests significant reductions in lead times, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a surge in operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the success of this endeavor underscores FDES Technologies’ commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer bespoke solutions. As industries continue to evolve, tools like these are not just about staying relevant but are about leading the charge towards a more efficient and customer-centric future.


At FDES, we believe in the power of innovation, and this product configurator is a testament to that belief. As we celebrate this milestone, we’re also looking ahead, envisioning a world where technology and manufacturing converge to create unparalleled value for clients and end-users alike.