Easy and efficient way to track the time you spent on modelling and drawings

WizzTime is an Automated Time Tracker which can track the time you spent on drawings, documents and meetings. WizzTime automatically records the modelling and drawing editing time of each user, who uses AutoCAD and similar kind of CAD software. WizzTime works with all kind of software like Solidworks, Inventor, Creo, CATIA, NX etc.

All the recorded data will be logged into the central database so that the manager can get the required reports by searching through the database using flexible admin console. This admin console conveniently presents the recorded data in both textually and graphically.

Your designer is no longer need to keep detailed records of what drawings he worked on and for how long; WizzTime will do it for you. WizzTime allows your designers and draftsman to focus on design and drafting, not tracking their time. With our software, you are received from the tasks of gathering weekly timesheet and the burden of entering the time logs into a spreadsheet for further evaluation.

WizzTime can be used as a tool to establish a benchmark for improving efficiencies within your organization. Along with worked hours, WizzTime can also record the user time spent away from the computer like the time spent on meetings and phone call too.


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Feature Highlights

  • Time Tracker records the actual time spent throughout the day, not an estimation
  • No timers required to be started or stopped
  • Powerful, elegant reporting by the minute, day or month
  • Time Tracker is completely automated, no user intervention is required
  • Instantly view the project time status
  • Review employee performance
  • Record exact amount of drawing edit and elapsed time
  • Find out the difference between worked time and idle time
  • More search filters to the get the required report
  • Help you make decisions about how long a certain task should take, and who best to perform them
  • Know what are the drawings currently opened by the user
  • Know the drawing, on which the user currently working on

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FDES - WizzTime, Automated Time Tracker


FDES - WizzTime, Automated Time Tracker

Task List

FDES - WizzTime Tracker, Rules Designer

Project Rules

Hours worked application wise

Hours worked application wise

FDES - WizzTime, Automated Time Tracker

Task status report

FDES - WizzTime Tracker, Project Wise Hours Spent Report

Project status report

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find all the questions you need answering.

Which operating system does WizzTime supports?

Currently WizzTime supports Windows only, the MAC version is under development, soon we will release it. For WizzTime Console we suggest you to use Google Chrome and Firefox. WizzTime Tracker needs Windows 7 or above operating system.

Does WizzTime Tracker starts automatically?

Yes, WizzTime Tracker starts automatically when the user starts the computer.

How does free trial version differs from full version of WizzTime?

The trial version has all of the features of paid version, and runs for 14 days. You can update to paid license at any time.

How does it handle tracking while doing multitask?

WizzTime captures time spent on active windows. So if your composing a document in Microsoft Word, we’re capturing time in that activity. If you get interrupted and check an email an then return to the document, the timer for your document resumes where you left off.

Does it log my keystrokes?

Nope. WizzTime only captures information about which documents, applications, and URL you’re working on.

What happens when the user lost internet connection?

If the user has already logged into WizzTime before loosing the internet connection, WizzTime would be running as usual and storing all captured data locally. Once the internet connection is restored, locally stored data will be sent to the server automatically.

Which kind of applications does WizzTime tracks?

WizzTime tracks any application that user using on his computer.

What if I step away from my computer? Does the timer keep ticking?

WizzTime know when your keyboard and mouse is idle. After a set of idle timeout (an option that you can set), WizzTime pauses tracking of the current activity. WizzTime also pauses tracking when your close the lid of your laptop or hibernate your computer.

How much does WizzTime costs?

Please click this link, https://www.wizztime.com/pricing

Can I export the data?

Yes, you can export your data into Microsoft Excel.