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FDES - Design and Drawing Automation Services

Engineering Design Automation

Configure, design and deliver custom products faster than ever before.

Design automation makes designing and selling custom products as fast and easy as for standard products. Automatically create detailed production and assembly drawings with related documents needs for sales quotes, right from within your CAD tool.

Our Design Automation services automatically produce complete 3D models and 2D drawing for custom products and documents needed for sales quotations and production. Design Automation helps to produce error-free designs and maintains consistency across all designs and drawings.

Why automate design?

  • Improved Design Efficiency
  • Shorter lead time
  • Reduced Design Time
  • Fewer or no design mistakes
  • Make your designers free from repetitive tasks
  • Generate Quotes with Drawing in minutes
  • Generate 3D CAD Models, 2D Fabrication drawings within minutes
  • Incorporate design rules and logic into the software and reduce dependency on designers
  • Share your design intent between different departments through LAN/Internet
  • Web-based accessibility to your Design Automation software
  • Easy data management and tracking

We are capable to develop Design Automation solutions for following software, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge.