Engineering Software Development

Get your custom written engineering software. Streamline your operations and connect all your departments together.

Many engineering organisations use Excel sheets to organise their data and share them with others by emailing Excel files to each other. While this practice can be convenient at a small scale, it can easily result in duplicate files, confusing data and costing the company enormous time and money and lead executives to make incorrect decisions.

We at FDES, provide software development services that convert your Excel spreadsheets into centralised Desktop or Web-based applications that are accessible through your LAN or Internet. All your entered data would be saved into a central database which can access by all of you users. Thus, providing accurate and consistent data across your organisation.

We can also rewrite or upgrade your existing outdated legacy applications with new technologies to maintain your engineering integrity.

Benefits from our services:

  • Improved speed and accuracy of information
  • Consistency and availability of information across your organisation
  • Can be accessed from anywhere through internet
  • Generate interactive reports and Export data into multiple file formats
  • Dashboards with real-time tracking and insights